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classical&Classic base hydraulic products
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Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder

This series of hydraulic cylinders is made up of 18 cylinder diameters, respectively, which are divided into 36 specifications of single piston double-acting differential oil cylinders. In addition, there are three types of cylinder head flange, intermediate shaft pin and base installation, which can also be used as double piston rod double-acting oil cylinder, and there are 384 varieties with the buffer and the above 36 specifications. The installation type and size are in accordance with the German steel mills and the ISO3320 standard, especially suitable for the working condition of harsh environment and heavy load.



Hydraulic cylinder

SBDH series multi-stage hydraulic cylinder is suitable for the occasions when the travel is large and the installation distance or total length is small (the trip can be larger than the installation distance or total length). It has single function and double action. I SBDH series hydraulic cylinder layout is compact and reasonable structure, reliable operation, convenient in installation, maintenance, is widely used in all kinds of working machinery mining machinery, lifting transportation machinery, environmental protection machinery, transportation machinery (repair car), etc. The working pressure, working stroke, installation distance, use series, all levels of travel and rod diameter of this series of hydraulic cylinders can be designed according to customers' needs.

External servo hydraulic cylinder

No mechanical contact and no interference position measurement system pressure can reach 500bar, its function principle is based on the mutual influence of magnetic field. In relation to this, when two magnetic fields meet, a strain pulse is produced, and the pulse will be transmitted from the test point to the sensing head by the internal waveguide of the measuring instrument. Delivery time will be constant and is not affected by temperature, the coil is proportional to the position, is the exact position of actual measured value, and through the sensing head into analog output and digital output.


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Wuxi ShiBang Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is located in the scenery beauty shore of the Taihu Lake, south depending on the Lingshan big buddha,west side nearby the tin suitable road,to the Shanghai-Nanjing highway exit 2 kilometers, the transportation facilitates.

The company produces the hydraulic ram, the air cylinder, the product cover metallurgy, the mine, lift heavy objects, professions and so on transportation, ships, forging and stamping, casting, engine bed, coal petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, war industry, from CD/CG250, 350 heavy load cylinder. JB/ZQ4395-86 heavy metallurgy cylinder, DG vehicles cylinder. HSG series project cylinder, wood industry press plunger cylinder, light tension bar cylinder and hydraulic system, but also the necessary each kind of high accuracy oil, the air cylinder steel pipe,the connecting rod and so on, and continues each kind of non-sign cylinder,the air cylinder...

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Wuxi Shi Bang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Contact: Zhou Jingli

Tel: + 86-510-85596218

Switchboard: + 86-510-83050666


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Address: Huishan District of Wuxi City Yangshan Industrial Zone Hengtong Road on the 7th

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